Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hello darkness, my old friend

As ominous as that sounds, I'm really referring to my period. Which began what will probably be a five-day visit, yesterday. Of course, the very day I was traveling from Michigan back home to Philadelphia. Not that I was equipped with adequate, winged protection (not an airplane reference, folks) mind you. Except for some old, dusty pads crammed into a rarely opened pocket of my traveling purse. Whew.

But, in my case, a period is a good thing. Means I can start more testing (yay?), more needles and the whole cycle of conception all over again. Actually, it is very early for me in the whole realm of infertility. My doctor is convinced that I've just pulled a couple of bad eggs over the last year, and he feels very, very confident about my chances of having a normal pregnancy. Well, bully for him. What this all means to me is just the routine (for all of you SIF's out there) blood tests during the first part of my period. Which is why I went and got stuck today.

However, I worried (aloud, to the receptionist at my RE's office) that I will be out of town next week, when more testing might be in order (ultrasounds to check for follicles, or some such nonsense). A call back message from the receptionist gave these instructions. "Dr. says to call for results when you get back from your vacation. And of course, avoid pregnancy this cycle. Have a good trip."

Are you kidding? As I have said before, I am nothing if not a whore for test taking and I was thinking of calling them, um, tomorrow for my results. Do they really expect me to wait nearly two weeks? What do they think cell phones are for, anyway?

Okay, okay. It's not like I'm waiting for HCG betas. That would just be cruel (and maybe medically unsound) to ask anyone to wait for those. But still, what will I talk about on my trip if I don't know my FSH, TSH, prolactin and estradiol numbers? Especially with my PIF, egg-donor using SIL? I want them ASAP!

I'll probably call on Friday. This Friday. For kicks. Because I know it pays to get under the skin of the office staff at the local fertility clinic.


At 9:38 PM, Blogger Kathy McC said...

I'm sorry for your losses and that you've become a part of the "loss" community. I can't make the pain go away, but I understand that pain and here to listen if ever you need a compassionate ear.

I had two miscarriages, both due to chromosomal abnormalities. I am sorry your testing didn't reveal any answers...but rest assured you're not alone. You'll find a lot of support here in blogland...


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