Thursday, September 07, 2006

School rocks!

Okay, okay. I made it through the first day of school, and I did just fine. I got along with the other kids, I colored inside the lines and I even used the potty. All by myself.

My daughter, in case you were wondering, also did fine. Better than fine. She woke up at 7:20, asked if it was "morning time," and when we responded in the affirmative, demanded to be taken to school. It was a Herculean effort to stall her for an hour and twenty minutes until it would be appropriate to leave. Put on the clothes...go to the bathroom...brush the the pancakes...oh, how 'bout some t.v. At one point, my husband and I took her to the front porch for photos with her new backpack, and she refused to come back in! She was ready damn it!

Then, when I did drop her off, (and take a few more pics), I bent down for a hug and kiss and I could almost see it in her eyes: "Oh. Are you still here?" Even the teacher, upon seeing my daughter jump into an activity when we walked in, said "Oh, she's ready."

I allowed myself to get a little emotional on the long walk back to my car, but I'll tell you, it really hit me as I was waiting in the car line to pick her up. All the little ones, gathered at the doors of the school as teachers walked them to their awaiting chariots. All the brightly colored backpacks and scrubbed, yet now sweaty, faces. So many dreams there. It hurt. I'm not sure why. Or maybe I am.

In other news, I have to confess that I am ridiculously drawn to the show on Bravo, it's a reality show...I'm stalling now because I can't remember the name...maybe it's called "Runway Challenge?" Oh, is it "Project Runway?" I don't watch it enough to know (sure, sure), but whenever I stumble upon it, I simply can't turn away. Designers and wanna-be's doing their best to be catty and awful to each other as they slice and sew fake plant leaves into a ball gown. Well, some of them. The rest are too busy dreaming up impossibly ugly outfits made entirely out of fuschia rosettes or silver gauze that will inevitably win that week's challenge.

If you saw my closet, you would know that I know nothing about haute-couture (although I can fashion a headband out of a bandana in thirty seconds flat). And that might be why I love the show. If you gave me a funnel, some rubber tubing and a rock, I couldn't make a slingshot, yet these people are crafting organza bustiers for dogs. And LOVING it.

Plus Heidi Klum is easy on the eyes.

P.S. No period yet. Hubby still lovable.


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