Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Why do I distrust condoms?

Seriously, I must have a problem with Durex or something. I am starting to convince myself for the second cycle in a row, that I have managed to circumvent the best latex that Proctor and Gamble has to offer and gone and gotten pregnant.

But this is really strange.

Okay, today is two weeks past the first day of my last period. I guess, in clinical terms, it's CD14, right? Yesterday I felt a little peevish around the midsection, like mild menstrual cramping, and beyond hoping that my period was actually going to arrive (which just wouldn't be a good sign for trying to procreate, I believe) I preferred to believe that I was ovulating (which would be sort of textbook).

Fast forward to middle of the night. I was sleeping, as I am wont to do while laying in my bed in the middle of the night, but maybe restlessly so. During a toss or a turn (I'm not sure which), I awakened enough to realize that I had the spins. That's right, bed spins. As if I had gone to bed drunk and had not yet slept it off (ironic, no, in light of my previous few posts?).

Now, who gets dizzy in the middle of the night? So badly, that it is actually noticeable?

I refused to get up and go to the gym at 6:00 because I was still reeling. When I did finally get up to use the potty, er, toilet (sorry, got a three-year-old informing my vocab at the moment), I truly, nearly fell over trying to sit down. Completely out of control. And sitting there, I could not get my eyes to focus on one spot on the floor, because the floor kept moving in a clockwise rotation.

Whew..I'm getting woozy again just thinking about it.

My hubby brought me a glass of oj, but that only served to anger my innards, a bit. Not enough to reject the thought of already-made-thus-reheatable chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. But even one of those didn't rectify the situation. In fact, I had my husband go into work late so he could drive the little one to school with me because I just didn't trust my driving ability (no snarky remarks there, please. I am a very good driver.)

Now, after sitting and watching some recorded tv for a bit (I am such an Aaron Sorkin whore), I felt better. I managed to pick up my daugher from school and get her to her yearly well-child checkup, but sitting here, without a solid meal in my system, I am feeling it again.

So, I ask you, because dr. google apparently does not understand my symptoms all that well, can I be pregnant? Yes, we have had sex, but always with protection. In tact throughout each encounter. (Okay, okay, if you must know, there might have been a little fooling around before the actual barricade was put in place. But that only leads to pregnancy on the Lifetime channel, right?) I feel kind of crappy below the neck, too, but again, this all has to be way too early for me to have bonafide symptoms.

I have no other explanation, except that maybe my hormones are doing some kind of over-the-top welcome dance for the newly hatched ovum.

Or, that I have the flu. Which is so much less fun to write about.

Or, that I am crazy.


At 8:53 PM, Blogger DD said...

If the first day of your last period was truly 14 or so days ago, it is more than likely ovulation pain. Especially if you have regular 27-30 day cycles (a month between each period). And if that is the case, most definitely you are NOT pregnant.

The dizziness is an odd symptom, though. Were you dehydrated?

At 10:44 AM, Blogger Tuesday Girl said...

Sometimes I get dizzy if I have low blood sugar. I try drinking some apple juice or OJ and that usually helps.


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