Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Writer for hire: Now with addendum

Of all the indignities heaped upon one woman, I can't believe that I have spent a significant amount of time today writing a cover letter for my husband. So he can get the job that will cause us to move.

And I've been enjoying it.

Oh, the shame. Yes, I have a background in writing. Getting caught up in the endless array of choices to describe one's professional life ("aggressive leadership" and "cultivate relationships" and so on) is somewhat of a thrill to me. As long as it's not my job search. Then I become a twit.

The move is seeming more and more to be our destiny. However, this could be coming from the side of me that has learned to prepare for bad news: take information that I feel must be crammed in and choke it down, because it just won't fit through the pipeline of my dreams, already overcrowded with cast-offs and erstwhiles.

(Picture me with my skull hinged and opened, revealing an overlarge puffy pink brain, into which I am pounding doo-dads, screws and twigs with the back of a spade, while most of it spills out.)

In other words, I am a bit of a gloom-and-doomer. I like to perserverate. I like to worry, literally: rub my brain over something until it softens and gleams in my mind's eye.

However, the flip side is, I just cannot imagine him not getting this job. I've tried, and circumstances just don't warrant such thinking. I can't explain without boring myself, but it seems that the whole thing has been his for the taking since the position opened. We've just been ignoring the call.

Plus, his cover letter is, like, totally excellent. It "seeks out challenge" and is "result-oriented".


Upon reading this post, I realized that my certainty of B's getting the job and us moving may seem gratuitous or incomprehensible if you don't know this: he has an interview scheduled for next week, and it was set up well before the cover letter was even composed. So, the wheels are in motion, regardless of the niceties of the job search dog-and-pony show. I think the fact that he's being flown in to interview speaks volumes, also.

That said, I have been wrong before. It's true. I just can't ignore my gut on this one.


At 12:13 AM, Blogger kati said...

hi Casey, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!

Moving always seems so tiring, doesn't it? Mr.H wants us to move to Germany pronto, but just the thought makes my head spin (and Germany is MY not his home country)...


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