Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jackass 2; let's review

Yes, I saw Jackass 2 this weekend. Yes, I laughed. But I paid $9.50 to get in (okay, my husband did) and I paid $6.00 an hour for a picked-from-the-crazy-tree babysitter (cheap, I know, but not if the kid is duct taped to the chair when I get home), so I was looking for the funny.

Here’s what to expect if you go:

Lots of testicles (some fake, many not)
A few penises (some human, some horse)
Much bathroom humor (very literal take on that)
A surplus of vomit
Adequate amounts of blood
Plenty of Dave England whimpering
Scant Johnny Knoxville (for my $9.50)

It was not the non-stop laughfest that I was expecting and could easily wait for home viewing.


Speaking of being a jackass (which I am about to do), last night while trying to fall asleep, I had a panic attack about—of all things—when my next baby will be born.

I went to sleep with a splitting headache. I use that term only because my husband claims to have seen part of my brain emerging from the lower part of my skull, from whence most of the pain was coming.

It is a surefire sign that my hormones are enjoying the downhill rush after a steady and slow climb click, click, click to the top of the rickety roller coaster wheeee!! So, trying to scramble out of their way and find some comfortable position to doze, my brain fell upon the notion that if I get pregnant right away did she just really say that? my summer will be ruined.

Okay, not ruined. Not while I’m awake and thinking about it. But when my head, even in a balanced and painfree state, hits the pillow, I start worrying about the most peculiar and inappropriate things. Is it a defect in me that I can simultaneously worry that I won’t get pregnant right away and also that when I do get pregnant right away it’s going to send my summer into upheaval?

Perhaps the larger question is, how can I use this, ahem, talent for the betterment of society?


At 5:35 PM, Blogger Eva said...

RE: Jackass

What cracks me up is that jorma has been dieing to see Jackass! I guess the NYTimes gave it a good review and if there's any way to use a good review as an excuse to get me to go with him to see a movie, he's all over it! We have yet to see it, though - we saw The Guardian the other night - Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher. It was very suspenseful and a compelling story - okay, pretty high on the cheese factor, but they hooked me.


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