Friday, October 27, 2006

No News Is…

Well, in this case, no news is just that. No news.

I have not peed on a stick.

I was going to yesterday, but when I got up to go to the gym at half-past a monkey’s ass, I was so out of it that I actually forgot. So, it must not be the all-consuming thought that one might expect.

But, seriously, I had been planning to do it today. And then a funny thing happened. I grew up.

Let me explain, because the last thing I want is for anyone reading this to think that peeing on a stick at any point during one’s cycle is NOT a grown up thing to do. I just mean that, for reasons I shall heretofore elucidate, it was not the right thing for me to do. And I made a grown-up decision to protect my mental health, which is very, very, very (italics in case you didn’t get it) unlike me.

So, to back up a bit, my business has been taking some right turns lately (vs. wrong turns) and I found myself spending a good deal of free time (free time! What a concept! By this I mean time that my husband was home, or my daughter was napping or was at school.) preparing samples for a potential customer who’s opening up an independent meal-assembly store and another retailer who just placed a rather large order with me. Granted, a rather large order is (in this case) over $100 worth of product, but it still has me working feverishly, because my free time, as described above, yields about 2 hours a day if I’m lucky. (And, not to cry in my detergent but, I still tend to the laundry, make the meals, do the grocery shopping, etc. So, life can feel hectic, even if the anxiety is my own making.)

Now, the samples are done and going out my door this afternoon (phew), leaving me a whole week to complete the large order. And with a rainy weekend scheduled, I should be able to crank most of it out while my husband is not golfing (read: Saturday). However, I have found myself with a lot of anxiety about getting it done, along with living my life in a normal way and not forgetting the school fundraiser and the school book order that was due yesterday and…life marches on, right?

Well, when I thought about adding a possible BFP (or for that matter BFN, which might not even be the real answer yet) into the mix, I knew it was too much.

If I do get two lines, my RE will demand I rush in for a blood test and possible wanding (if I’m lucky right?). Consider, he has two offices. One is thirty minutes away. One is across the street. He is only in the office across the street on Mondays. So, I have decided to wait. At least until Sunday. (I know, I know, you were thinking Monday. But a girl’s got to have a little fun.) However, now that I think of it, my husband (let’s call him Tiger, since he likes to…) will be golfing on Sunday, most likely at half-past a monkey’s ass also, I probably won’t test then either. Which brings me back to Monday. About 11 or 12 days past ovulation. I think.

I just needed to take some time to clear my plate before adding another heap of anxiety. The simple fact that I’m not even going to test for a few days takes a weight off of my shoulders.

Because as we all know, that second line changes everything.

**The only concrete symptom I might claim as belonging to pregnancy and not progesterone is an unexplainable runny nose, which comes and goes. Common for me during early pregnancy, with all the fluid levels increasing. This is a shamefully weak symptom, but I’ve never been on progesterone before so I can’t really say there’s much else that would stand out. No migraine, yet (which would signal spot’s arrival in a day or two). However, maybe progesterone has chased away PMS for now, too. Any words of wisdom on what to expect with progesterone would be helpful. For instance, it does delay your period, right? So, I wouldn’t get it anyway, until I went off progesterone? Correct me, please. Also, any advice on the acute dizziness I felt the other night after taking the prog.? I was trying to prepare food in my kitchen and all the twisting and turning to get ingredients nearly flattened me.

Thanks for your help.


At 3:52 PM, Blogger theoneliner said...

i think its good that you are not testing this soon. BFN's suck.
i took prometirum last month for 3.5 days only. It made my 'spot' three days late. I chart so i know how long my LP is. Prometrium is known to intensify PMS symptoms. It made my boobs enormous. Seriously. I looked like a hooters waitress (although this effect was lost as soon as i spoke or read a book).
I hope you are. Email me if you have any other prometrium questions.

At 5:52 PM, Blogger Kath said...

Dear Casey, thanks for the update. I had somehow not realized it was so early still. No, for the reasons you cited, it would be much better to wait.

As for progesterone supplementation, yes, it can delay a period. It can also make your boobs hurt (and, apparently, increase) and it can make you cranky, too. But other than that I don't know anything about it. I hope you can get your questions answered.

As for dizziness, I've had that too -- but not with progesterone. Just unexplained vertigo that came with certain head movements. If that's the case with you, check out Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). It might also be a blood pressure problem. Have you had that checked?


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