Wednesday, November 01, 2006


For those of you planning to play the Cash Five tonight, here are some numbers that seem lucky to me.

30—my progesterone level. Just fine.

112—my hcg beta. This is a great number, I think. I had been bargaining with myself about wanting a number around 120, so this puts my mind at ease. Why? If you’re looking for a logical reason, look elsewhere. However, my chemical pregnancy, which also started as a faint HPT positive, had a first beta of 49 and a second beta two days later of 120. So, if I am going to compare apples to lugnuts, it seems that I have already topped those numbers at a very early date.

3—number of days until my next appointment, as advised by the nurse. More on this later.

2—number of arms that had to be poked to find a cooperative vein. Yes, my friends, I have seemingly developed some scars on my veins that are making it difficult to have blood drawn. In addition to having veins the thickness of a straight pin.

45—number of minutes it took to complete a bloodwork-only appointment.

1,000,000 to infinite—the amount of gratitude I have in my heart for all of your support and well wishes. This pregnancy is, of course, big news to me, yet I am talking of it with no one except my husband (it’s only fair that he be included!). So to have you in my confidence, with your stories of hope or advice to breathe, or just to connect with a world of people who understand what it means to get pregnant after getting pregnant three times and not being able to hold on to any of them…it is, to say, priceless.


I spoke directly to my RE this morning and he said, "Boy, you are really a fertile little chicken."

B’Gock! (that was my chicken impression)

He also agreed with me that there is no reason to subject me to coming in on Friday, and again on Monday as the nurse had suggested, just to get another beta. Either the numbers are doing what they’re supposed to, or they’re not. Until an ultrasound is warranted, to rule out an ectopic, I do not want to be poked, nor do I want to scramble every three days to find someone to watch my daughter. (Again, yes, I have very generous friends and neighbors, but they have lives and kids who go to afternoon preschool and sometimes even the bloodwork takes hours.)

What else, what else…

Things actually seem pretty normal. It is a jolt to remember suddenly that I can’t (or shouldn’t) eat brie or a glass of wine (even though I was not prone to having a glass of wine, the jolt is there all the same, remembering that I cannot!)

As we were getting off the phone, my RE said "Congratulations", and somehow that seems to validate my status a little more. Well, that and being called a fertile chicken.

Because what woman doesn’t long for that?


At 3:48 PM, Blogger theoneliner said...

i agree with not taking your Beta every other day...why stress about something over which you have zero control.
i'm very excited for you.

At 4:09 PM, Blogger Kath said...

Dear Casey, those numbers sound very good -- except the ones concerning your poor veins...

"Fertile chicken" -- I had to laugh at that one.

At 10:21 PM, Blogger Hetty Fauxvert said...

You have numbers!!! YOU HAVE NUMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um, I'm just a little over-excited, I guess! LOL!

Seriously, I checked your blog yesterday and saw nothing ... and thought, oh, no, how awful. She must be all upset and that's why she didn't post. And now this! Yeehaw!

Continuing to keep all appendages crossed that your numbers increase in the proper progression! And no more alcoholic binges, you fertile little chicken, you! :)

At 11:57 AM, Blogger kati said...

Seriously, I'd love to be called a 'fertile little chicken'. Sigh.

Anyway, those numbers sound great! Hope the best for you.


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