Thursday, November 09, 2006

Still Thursday night here

I am writing again before stepping foot in the stirrups. Why? Well, my daughter is in bed and my husband is away on business (who exactly decided to call dinners out and drinking until ungodly hours "business," anyway? It's the exact converse of harried stay-at-home moms who are described as having it easy because they don't have to work. Women really should rise up, take over and put an end to all this word play.)

But, my heart is in my throat for a couple of reasons. Many women out there this evening are going through rough times. A few months ago I was one of them. Tonight I am in a bit of a no-woman's land, not knowing which way my fate will turn.


I just deleted a paragraph of my dronings-on. I don't want to bore myself anymore with this. I can write ad nauseaum about my feelings and my thoughts.

Big fucking deal. So I'm mouthy. What has that gotten me lately?

I'll post tomorrow when I know more. In the meantime, let me regale you with a recent discovery.

I have started my own business; for the sake of clarity, let's just say it's a catering business (although it's not). Because I work with food a lot (and am licensed to do so), on top of having a three-year old who is potty-training, I wash my hands a lot.

About this time of year, when the air dries out and the heat comes on in the house, my hands really start to suffer. It is not unusual for the skin on my knuckles to spontaneously crack and bleed. (Calm down! We're not talking hemorrhage or anything, just tiny hairline cracks. Painful, but not unmanageable with a bandaid.)

As you can imagine, I have searched high and low (well, mostly high) for remedies. I have tried expensive lotions, applied thick moisturizers beforing donning cotton gloves while I sleep and (not often enough, really) gone for manicures.

A few nights ago, my hands were barking for attention. For lack of any other handy ointment, I reached for the Curel I keep on the bathroom counter (for use on the rest of my body). In a move resembling desperation, I squirted too much on my hands (good thing my husband wasn't in the room or he might have gotten his hopes up) and spent the better part of two minutes rubbing it in.

Imagine my utter surprise when not only did the lotion absorb completely, greaselessly, but I awoke the next morning to soft and supple extremities (still talking hands here, people). I was stunned! None of my other potions had even come close to giving my skin that feel. I seriously feel like that Curel took a couple of year's worth of aging off my hands. (Yeah, cause now my hands look twenty-two. Ha.)

In a related note, for anyone who hand-washes constantly (yes, Madame OCD, I'm talking to you) there is another wonderful product that I will recommend. I found it at Bath and Body Works (to which I am loathe to give credit for anything resembling responsible skin care). It's called C. O. Bigelow Soap-Free Chapped Hands Cleanser. It's a greasy, cold-cream type product in a tub. I use that for "light" hand washings when I'm working (you know, after I've used the phone or something, if I feel I need a little scrub) and it saves my hands from the harsh realities of soap, while doing a decent job of cleaning them.

That and the Curel are going to make me unstoppable this winter. I think it will become my super power: Never Cracking Hands!


At 5:22 AM, Blogger Kath said...

Dear Casey, I am thinking about you today and wishing you the very best of news.

And thanks for the tip on the lotion -- I have the same problem you do in winter: hairline cracks on my knuckles that start bleeding when I dare to use my hands... Nice. And I don't even wash my hands overly much.

At 9:02 AM, Blogger Alice said...

I also recommend the Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector. It pretty much rocks.


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