Monday, February 05, 2007

Charlie is Broken*

The title of my post comes from a lovely children's show called "Charlie and Lola," which is one of the few shows my daughter enjoys that I can tolerate watching. It is set in England, so perhaps it's the quirky accents and dry wit.

In any event, I am tempted to post a long-winded story about napping and how I am on the fence about discontinuing my 3 1/2 year-old's nap regimen. Actually, I am not on the fence about it. I am very much for continuing it. And, each day she takes a nap that usually lasts around two hours. However, sometimes I become overly frustrated begging her to fall asleep ("Stop kicking me. No picking your nose. When you shake the bed you wake me up!"...oh, did I mention that I sleep with her, which is why, most likely, I'm still for it?) Add to this the fact that a nap seems to keep her up until at least eleven each night--which can become a bit draining--along with some opinionated neighbors who pester me to end it for once and for all, and, well, I wonder if the nap's days are numbered.

So, last Friday (why, yes, Groundhog Day), the neighborhood kids who go to public school had a half day, so I decided it would be a good day to forgo the nap and hang with the local mommies while my girl wore herself out digging in dirt piles so I could put her to bed early (which, as you can see, is anything before ten). The plan worked beautifully, dovetailing into a playdate with a little friend her age who was also digging in dirt piles , who then came to our house to continue the merriment.

Which lasted just until my daughter fell off her bed whilst dancing, breaking her arm in the process.

We think.

Of course, I rushed her to the local ER, where x-rays were ordered, but I couldn't go in with her because, well, I'd like my unborn child to have only two eyes.

"No problem," said the admitting nurse. "The tech will take her in and you can wait outside."

Um. No. We shall wait until her father gets here. (I was channeling my sister at this point, who is a tiger for her children when in these--or any--situations. Yes, the same sister I maligned so easily days ago.)

My husband called me on his way to the ER and I could hear sirens in the background. "Oh, thank goodness," I thought. "He's already at the hospital."

Um. No. That was the sound of three police cars cruising by him on the highway, which was now closed due to an accident caused by the severe weather.

And still we waited for him. I mean, seriously people. You know when you decide to go to the ER that you have just signed away at least four hours of your life. So what's a little more waiting so that my frightened, hurt baby didn't have to be manhandled without a familiar face to comfort her.

The x-rays were somewhat inconclusive in that there might be a break in the growth plate, which is hard to x-ray because it is soft tissue. She was fitted with a splint (which caused many tears prior to application because my daughter thought they were going to give her a splinter.) at which point she started to become more herself. Chatty and wide-eyed, as opposed to weepy and morose.

This afternoon we are going as a threesome to see a pediatric orthopedic surgeon (which was the plan implemented by the attending MD at the ER). We will know more once he sees the film of her elbow.

So that is my drama for now. I'm tempted to become heartsick at the thought of my baby having a broken bone, but she is really doing so well (slept about ten hours last night with only one awakening for water) and seems so happy that I guess even if it is broken, she will heal. I just pray we avoid surgery. That will really distress me.

*As you can guess, in the episode "Charlie is Broken," Charlie breaks his arm playing football with his friends, and his little sister Lola is beside herself trying to find some way to comfort him.


At 4:03 PM, Blogger DD said...

My son loves Charlie and Lola and so I have seen the episode.

I certainly hope she's not "broken" in the orthotic sense, but I'm sure it aches nonetheless.

Maybe it's time to review "5 Little Monkeys" with her.

At 5:47 PM, Blogger Kath said...

Aw, Casey, how awful and distressing! I hope the doctor can put your fears to rest.

And... give up naps? Wwwwwwwhy? (Apart from the earlier bedtime, of course.) I am puzzled as to your neighbors' interest in this. Is she so loud in her late evenings that she keeps the neighborhood up?


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