Monday, February 05, 2007


Diagnosis: Dislocated elbow.

First solution: In-office manual manipulation followed by immediate casting while daughter cries her eyes out. (I promise you, it was 90% fear because the doctor was a prick. There was some pain, I know, but the screaming was provoked by his lack of bedside manner.)

This attempt did not yield positive results, so we are now scheduled for the OR at the nearby children's hospital for tomorrow sometime. Doesn't mean that there will be surgery--although there very well could be--it simply means that they will administer anesthesia and then try another external manipulation to get the arm bones aligned. If that effort fails, they will have to open her arm and use pins to secure it. God help me. Even if it doesn't come to that, the general anesthesia part is enough to make me lose it already a few times tonight.

I have a friend who is a nurse anesthetist at this children's hospital and she is doing everything she can to line up a great team for my daughter. She has already called in her favorite RNA to handle the case because she, herself, can't be there. She has given us names of doctors (only one actually) from whom we should run if slated to work on our daughter. And she has familiarized me somewhat with what to expect.

Still, I am frightened. General anesthesia. The risk. My baby. Sigh.


At 10:54 PM, Blogger Hetty Fauxvert said...

Yikes!!! I miss this blog for a day or two and all heck breaks loose!

I am SO sorry for the pain and fright your daughter has gone through!!! But she sounds like a little trouper. I empathize with your angst over the anesthesia, and I'm so sorry she has to go through that. But anesthesia screwups are VERY rare these days, and with your nurse friend getting together a crack team (and warning you off the bad docs), it sounds like it will actually go very smoothly.

My thoughts will be with you all tomorrow! Update us as soon as you get a moment.


At 4:37 AM, Blogger Kath said...

Dear Casey, I'm so sorry the external manipulation was so painful and futile... and I'm hoping everything goes wonderfully smoothly at the hospital. Anesthesia has become so very very safe these days, so I hope you don't go mad with worry.

Thinking of you and your little daughter.

At 7:51 AM, Blogger Kathy McC said...

I am so sorry you're all going through this. Wishing you the best and hope your daughter gets to feeling better soon. (((hugs)))

At 11:02 AM, Blogger ~r said...

So scary.. My son has been through two (relatively minor) surgeries with general anesthesia. Both times, the thought of the anesthesia itself was enough to bring me to tears. I'll be thinking of you and hoping things go easily today.


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